How to determinate Manchego Cheese

HOW TO DETERMINE Manchego Cheese


Faced with a whole piece of Manchego Cheese

- The exterior fabric is flat and their faces have lines dividing the surface into four parts.


- Natural Color. Depending on your healing can range from ivory to brown tone. The bark may be coated with transparent inactive substances.


- The label should include that business has been developed entirely from the milk of Manchego sheep. Also you can read the word "Manchego".


- Only Manchego cheese can be made in the area covered by the Designation of Origin, which includes part of the provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Toledo.

- Commercial label affixed to the back label you will find a distinctive Regulatory Board of Denomination of Origin Manchego cheese, with your logo. Serial number, ensures that the piece has passed quality control.

- If it is a piece weighing less than 1,500 kg will be crossed by a blue stripe on its upper right corner.

In the presentation portion


- Check all the above features in one whole piece of the brand in question.


- The interior of the cheese must submit a color that can range from white to ivory, according to their maturation time.


- The way the cheese dough should look smooth. The cut can be smooth or have "eyes" small and unevenly scattered throughout the surface.

- If the part is packaged in a plastic film, you must take a back with a green stripe in the upper right corner.

- In the back of a hard cheese, casein appears, where you can also read the term "Manchego".