The present legal advice regulates the use of the website, on behalf of Quesos Artesanos Villarejo, S.L. (known as ‘Quesos Villarejo’). Situated in Calle Camino Valdes, s/n, 16432 Villarejo de Fuentes (Cuenca), registered in Cuenca, al Tomo 247, Seccion 8, Folio 49 Hoja 2468, CIF B-16163354 and the contact details are:

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The navigation of the website benefits the user. (Known as the user.) This implies that all approvals, discretions and all of the regulations included in this legal policy can be modified. The user is obliged to use the website correctly and conform to its laws, motives, public order, customs and legal policy. The user will respond coherently to Quesos Villarejo or the third party, whatever harm or damage caused could have a consequence due to not abiding to the laws.


The present legal policy regulates the conditions of use and access to the property of Quesos Villarejo website, which has the sole objective to produce knowledge and information about the services provided in the development of the business and its professional activity. The website and its services are accessible to all and are free. Even so, Quesos Villarejo makes conditions for the use of some services offered following the previous completion of the corresponding form. The user is guaranteed the authentic and current details about Quesos Villarejo and they will be the only one responsible for false appearances and inexact information shown. The user should be conscious and able to voluntary accept that the use of this website will be at all times under their responsibility, they will be committed to use the website correctly and conform to its laws, motives, public order, customs and legal policy. The user will respond coherently to Quesos Villarejo or the third party, whatever damage or harm caused could have a consequence due to not abiding to the laws. In concrete they will promise not to use the contents and services of Quesos Villarejo for other purposes:

a) Issue contents, criminals, violence, pornography, racism, xenophobe, offense, defense of terrorism, or in general, the contrary to law or public order.

b) Add information to the red virus or make susceptible changes, damages, interruptions or generate errors or mistakes in the electronical documents, details or physical and logical systems of Sanchez Alcaraz or the third party, this blocks the access for other users on the website and its services such as the resources information through which Quesos Villarejo provides its services.

c) Trying to gain access to other email addresses from other users or restricted areas of Quesos Villarejo or the third party and in some cases take information.

d) Violate the rights of the intellectual or industrial property, such as violate the confidentiality of Quesos Villarejo information or that of the third party.

e) Forge the identity of another user, from public administration or from the third party.

f) Reproduce, copy, distribute, put on display, communicate publicly, transform or modify the contents, unless it is correctly authorized from the correct correspondents or it is resulted legally permitted.

g) Collect details for advertising purposes and send publicity to whichever category for selling purposes or other commercial activities without solitude or consent. All the contents on the website, such as, texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, just like its graphic designs and codes, constitute a construction whose property is under the name of Quesos Villarejo and its author, without having to handover the user its rights of exploitation and its necessary strictness in order to use the website correctly. Therefore, the users that access this web can see its contents and make, in some cases, private authorized copies whenever the duplicate elements are not handed over to a third party, nor installed to social media, nor an object of any type of exploitation. Likewise, all the brands, commercial names or distinctive signs of whatever type that appear in the website are owned by Quesos Villarejo, without having to understand that the use or access of the user have the same rights. The distribution, modification, session or public communication of the contents and whichever other act that hasn’t been authorized, exploitation is prohibited. The establishment of a hyperlink doesn’t imply in any case a relationship between Quesos Villarejo and the owner of the website in which it is established, nor the acceptation and approval of Quesos Villarejo from its contents or services. Some people that put forward a private hyperlink should have a written authorization from Quesos Villarejo. In all cases, the hyperlink will only permit access to the homepage to start our website, likewise you should refrain from making demonstrations, or false indications, the contrary to the good customs and the public order. Quesos Villarejo is not responsible for the use of each user that places its materials in this website, nor interventions that are released.


The contents of the present website is a general sum-up and it has simple finalized information, however it doesn’t guarantee full access to all contents, nor its completeness, not its suitability, or its usefulness for a specific objective.

Quesos Villarejo is excluded, until a court order is permitted, whichever responsibility from its damages and repercussions it has derived from:

a) The impossibility to access its website or lack of verification, accuracy, thoroughness or its current contents, such as the existence of vices, or defects of all types of informed, spread, store contents regulations that have been placed through the website or the services offered.

b) The presence of viruses or other elements in the contents that can produce alterations in the information systems, electronic documents or user details.

c) Not abiding to the laws, motives, public order, customs and the present legal policy or consequently not using the website correctly. In particular, and an example, Quesos Villarejo is not responsible for the actions from the third party that violates the rights of the intellectual or industrial property, business secrets, right of honor, personal or familiar intimacy, and their own image, such as subject regulations of disloyal competence and illicit publicity. Therefore, Quesos villarejo declines whichever responsibility in respect to the information found on this website and it will not be sent directly to our webmaster. The function of the links that appear in this web are exclusively to inform the user about other susceptible changes of contents offered in this web. Quesos Villarejo is not guaranteed nor responsible of the function or accessibility of the sites connected: nor suggests, invites or recommends the visit of everybody, they will not be responsible for the obtained result. Quesos Villarejo is not responsible for the hyperlink establishment for the third party.


Our policy respects the use of cookies and other presence stored which is at your disposition in: Privacy Policy


Our policy respects the use of cookies and other presence stored which is at your disposition in: Cookies Policy


In the case of whichever user or a third party that have carried out existing acts or circumstances that reveal an illicit performance using whichever content and/or the performance of whichever activity in the web pages including or accessing the website., should send a notification to Quesos Villarejos identifying properly, specifying the supposed offense and expressively declaring under their responsibility that the evidence supplied is exact. All that concerns the website Quesos Villarejo, applicate in the Spanish legislation, whom competences are judges and tribunals of Cuenca (Spain).


All the notifications and communications between the user and Quesos Villarejo is considered effective, all the effects, when they use postal methods, email, telephone or fax communication. The users should address Quesos Villarejo by means of:

a) Sending post to this following address: C/Camino Valdes, S/N- 16432 Villarejo de Fuentes (Cuenca) – Spain.

b) Telephone communication: +34 969 13 16 30

c)  Fax number: +34 969 13 16 38

d)  Sending an email to:

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