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Manchego cheese is referred to that developed in the region of La Mancha, from ewes milk Manchego, with a minimum maturity period of sixty days. Manchego cheese is made from pasteurized sheep's milk, and the Manchego cheese artisan with sheep's raw milk, from herds registered Appellation of Origin.

Manchego cheese is the product of a harsh climate and extreme, which favors the growth of very tough plants, food, a curious and ancient breed of sheep that are under control very strict breeding and health. These features offer a unique cheese resulted in the world. Although there is evidence that it has tried to develop elsewhere, inside and outside our country has ever successfully imitated so many factors at once ancient beyond the borders of La Mancha.

A cheese with more than 2000 years old

The earliest information of the cheese is made and eaten his back many centuries before Christ. Archaeological remains show that in the Bronze Age was produced, in what is now known as the region of La Mancha, a sheep cheese whose raw material came from a race that could be considered the predecessor of the current Manchego sheep. This breed has survived the passage of centuries roaming the earth from which it takes its name.

Nutritional properties of Manchego Cheese

Manchego Cheese is a very complete food, which accounts for all the nutritional qualities of milk. It contains a high proportion of proteins, which makes him even richer than the meat in these items.

In Manchego cheese are also present as important as vitamins A, D and E, fundamental metabolic processes such as growth, tissue preservation and the absorption of calcium.

Because of its composition, consumption is recommended for all ages. During the growth stage because of its high calcium content. For adults, the large amount of protein it provides, covering daily wear from these vital substances. Finally, it is advisable to use older people as it slows to a large extent, the bone calcium loss and food is more digestible than milk.

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