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The taste of tradition

Our story begins in the year 1987, the doors opened to the public a company dedicated to making authentic artisanal Manchego cheese, in the municipality in Villarejo de Fuentes. The village, located in the heart of La Mancha Alta Conquense has always enjoyed clean air and temperatures suitable for the practice of this profession. Added to some shepherds of excellent qualities, his cattle get the raw material needed for such development. In fact, one of the economies that proliferated in the municipality, and from the Bronze Age, around 1800 BC C., was grazing, because in a hill near the town were located and useful cheese related to cheese production was closely linked to that tradition. Patron of the town itself retains name attesting that: ``The Holy Christ of the Shepherds``

The company, rooted family background, parents and grandparents as they practiced, continues to grow year after year, and also to expand their workspace and distribution of its products, now as much with a staff that provides work for several families of municipality and surrounding areas. Logically, the factory has been adapted to health standards and current legal under current regulations.

They are 1,500 square meters, offering visitors a passionate journey through the world of traditional cheese making and dairy products: production department, ripening, drying, office, shop and so on.

All this once the daily collection of milk in the region, fresh milk, livestock previously selected and maintained at all times and optimal temperature conditions for transport. The degree of cleanliness is, at all times, a condition necessary and essential to achieve its final quality.

Proof of this is the tremendous development achieved so today, exporting the product to almost everyone. Wherever you go, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Brussels, Germany, Sweden, you can taste the flavor of a cheese with an air of La Mancha, in a few seconds trasladándote green field where he began manufacturing.

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